Optimizing returns is critical today. A retailer’s return solution impacts conversion, loyalty, and how customers view the overall customer experience. High cost of returns erodes operational efficiencies and profit margins, while complications of reverse logistics adds pressure to restock and resell merchandise faster. Typically point solutions require multiple integrations leading to siloed tools and disconnected customer experiences requiring manual effort to distill insights.

Narvar Return is a self-service return solution that makes returns easier for customers and more efficient for retailers. With Narvar Return, retailers are able to set and enforce return policies, convert returns to exchanges and repurchases, and get more visibility into return reasons and analytics. 96% of customers who are satisfied with the returns process say they’ll purchase with the retailer again. 


Retain revenue and lower operating costs

Remove friction from returns with a beautifully branded, self-service solution that simplifies the experience for customers and creates new opportunities to reduce costs. Offer store credit or gift cards and invite customers to shop with your brand again. Reduce “Where is my Return” (WISMR) calls by proactively communicating the status of returns and refunds. Take friction and procrastination out of returns—no labels, no boxes, no hassles. Customers can drop-off returns at over 200,000+ locations, to your store or choose to have items picked up from their homes.

Amplify Operational Performance & Maximize Profit

Save money, reduce waste, and improve sustainability by condensing your returns into bulk shipments with shipment consolidation. Send the right product to the right place by intelligently dispositioning returns to the best warehouse, store, or distribution center. Utilize returns insights to identify manufacturing problems, inaccuracies on product detail pages, and rapidly changing consumer preferences. Redefine returns with increased speed, instant refunds, and optimizing reverse logistics with Narvar’s pickup and drop-off network. Reduce return friction for loyal consumers and add security measures for high fraud score profiles. Let us handle repackaging, relabeling, and other aspects of returns processing so you can relist and resell items even faster.

Craft Personalized Experiences To Solve Complex Business Needs

Utilize Narvar’s robust rules engine to set specific policies, rules and fees based on customer profile, order, product category, SKU or return reason. Offer the best return methods and instant refund on the first scan to maximize convenience and incentivize faster returns. Allow customers to complete returns in fewer clicks by optimizing for methods they prefer. 

With Narvar Return, retailers have reported:

  • 42% Fewer “where is my return” (WISMR) queries
  • 47% Reduction in returns-related support tickets
  • 66% Less time spent on returns support
  • 60% of returns converted into exchanges
  • 124% lift in new orders following a return
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