Track Overview

Narvar Track powers the consumer post-purchase experience from pre-shipment through delivery. It allows consumers to stay up-to-date on their order status, while offering retailers additional marketing opportunities like customized assets, product recommendations, and easy access to support. Our shipment tracking solution allows retailers to provide their customers complete tracking information in a seamless, on-brand experience, that is responsive and beautiful on any device.

Retailer Benefits

Narvar Track provides retailers with a wealth of benefits during their customer's post-purchase experience, including:

  1. Create a branded post-purchase experience for their customers, ensuring all communications with the customer matches their brand and voice.
  2. Reduce Support team costs from fewer 'where is my order' ("WISMO") support requests and increase customer satisfaction during their delivery experience. 
  3. Increase online revenues from customer click-throughs back to the retailer's website and capture more repeat business. 
  4. Generate consumer feedback on orders to understand the level of customer satisfaction in the post-purchase experience and how to improve moving forward. 
  5. Inform retailer teams of the performance of their Track experience with in-depth analytics. 

Customer Benefits

Narvar Track is not only beneficial for the retailers, it also provides many benefits for the consumer as well. 

  1. Increase visibility into the current state of customer orders during the post-purchase experience to improve customer satisfaction and alleviate customer pain-points. 

  2. Improve the customer's ability to manage their deliveries empowering customer to receive their orders when and where it is most convenient for them. 

  3. Decrease customer ambiguity during the post-purchase experience with more accurate estimated delivery dates. 
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