File Feeds: Track & Notify

What are the steps/actions to be done in order to successfully setup the File feeds for Track and Notify product?

Action 1: Narvar will initiate the request

Narvar will share Insight EDI Enrollment form which will be partially filled by Narvar and let you know what is the sequence of next set of actions.

Actions for Retailer

  • The first step in this process would be for you to sign up for Insight on FedEx | Login Page using your company email address (ex: If not created before, the Insight login ID must contain both the retailer name and Narvar as below and provide this insight login ID to your Fedex AE.
    Insight login ID: [Retailername]Narvar
  • Please add all accounts and addresses to the insight portal that you need visibility on. This can be done by going to “My Options” -> “Shipments” -> “Add more shipments”.
  • The request will be routed to your Fedex AE to approve your registration.
  • Please fill the attached EDI request form with all the relevant details and send it back to your Fedex AE.

Actions for Fedex

  • FedEx to raise a case internally with EDI Team
  • Fedex will create the EDI feed and notifies within 5 business days if all the information in the form is accurate
  • Below are the SFTP credentials
    • SFTP URI: s
    • Directory: [Directory Path]
    • Username: fedex_narvar

Action 2 : What retailer is expected to do next

Begin by following the steps listed above to create Insight ID. Once created, complete the points listed below which will be part of the Insight questionnaire document shared by Narvar. 

  • Point 1: Primary Contact information
  • Point 3: InSight Login ID
  • Point 8: What is the highest anticipated total package volume for your customer’s single day of shipping? This volume should include the combined total number of packages for all OpCos.

After filling the necessary details retailers then need to pass the information to Fedex POC (Point of contac) by sharing the document and request them the FileFeed setup.

Action 3: What carrier should do after EDI Questionnaire form is shared

Carrier needs to enable the Tracking Feed and let the Narvar know that feed is enabled and Narvar will receive Tracking files continuously to the shared location.

Action 4: What Narvar will do to complete the integration

Narvar will proactively support the queries raised by either of the parties. Once received the confirmation will validate whether we are receiving files or not and whether they are getting processed or not. Accordingly Narvar will either request FedEx to work on the file sharing again if not receiving files, if receiving files then they will be processed and consumed.

Narvar, will share a few sample tracking links, to demonstrate the integration is done, if receiving Files then will mark the integration as completed.

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