Create banner messages to show only for a specific carrier.

Creating a banner message is a great way to broadcast updates and messages across your Track page to all customers. Based on your feedback, we’ve now made it so you can only show a banner message to packages being shipped with a specific carrier to address updates, notes, or delays related to that carrier.

This is a great feature for merchants who ship with more than one carrier or have had known issues with specific carriers in the past. This can now be updated under the “Carrier” field when adding a new banner message.

Learn more about how to create and update a banner message here.


We’ve improved load times and extended all functionality for Track embeds with iframes.

With Track, merchants can extend order tracking directly to their own environment with Track Embeds. Previously, all Track functionality was not fully extended to embeds. Now, embeds can be done via iframe which extends all Track functionality — including segmentation and gift tracking — which was not previously available for Track Embeds.

Learn more about Track Embeds, and how to set them up, here.

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