API: Track Only

What are the steps/actions to be done in order to successfully setup the API credentials for the Track product?

Action 1: What retailers have to do

Narvar needs following Production Details :

  • Key (username)
  • Password (secret)
  • Account Number/s

If a retailer is aware of the above Production details then they can share to us directly. In case they are not aware then, follow below steps to request Tracking credentials to Australia Post.

Steps to Submit request for generating Production Tracking Credentials.

  • Login to the Developers Centre and complete the registration request.
  • Add the basic information including Name, Company Name, Email Address, and Phone Number also add the Australia Post eParcel Account Number/s.
  • When it asks if you are using a platform please select Yes and enter NARVAR.
  • Once submitted confirm the information to carrier POC.

Action 2: What Carrier is expected to do afterwards

Carrier is expected to share below information with Narvar to proceed.

  • Key (username):
  • Password (secret):
  • Account Number/s:

This information should be shared in the same mail thread. If hesitant to share the information via Mail they can share the information via https://onetime.narvar.com/

Action 3: What Narvar will do to complete the integration

Narvar will proactively support the queries raised by either of the parties. Once the Production credentials are shared with Narvar. Narvar will add them to their systems, so tracking information will be consumed as soon as the tracking number is received or passed via Tracking URL.

Narvar, will share a few sample tracking links, to demonstrate the integration is done then will mark the integration as completed.

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