File Feeds: Track & Notify

What are the steps/actions to be done in order to successfully setup the File feeds for Track and Notify product?

Action 1: What retailers have to do

Retailers have to introduce Carrier POC (Point of Contact)/ 3PL POC to Narvar. So we can establish a FileFeed Integration with Old Dominion to receive Tracking Updates via Files to support Track & Notify. For Carrier POC Introduction the following template can be used.

Email Template:

"Hi [Carrier Rep],

We are integrating with Narvar for Old Dominion to enhance the customer shipment tracking experience by providing the tracking updates and notify functionalities. They are looking at an S/FTP based file feed integration where Old Dominion shares the files at every 15-60 minutes intervals so that Narvar can process the files to power their track and notify apps. This S/FTP location can be hosted by you or Narvar. [Engineer Name] will be the Narvar's POC for this implementation.

Could you please let us know of the process and what needs to be done from theirs or my end?

Account Number: [to be filled by retailer POC]"

Action 2: What carrier is expected to do afterwards

Carrier needs to enable the Tracking Feed and share the credentials of SFTP with Narvar where files will be shared that can be consumed by Narvar to support Track & Notify Mechanisms.

Note: Kindly keep us in loop for visibility and active responses.

Action 3: What Narvar will do to complete the integration

Narvar will proactively support the queries raised by either of the parties. Once received the SFTP location and credentials, we will enable the route at our end for data consumption. As soon as we start receiving files, they will be processed and data will be consumed to support the Track and Notify Mechanism.

Narvar, will share a few sample tracking links, to demonstrate the integration is done, if receiving Files then will mark the integration as completed.

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