File Feeds: Track & Notify

What are the steps/actions to be done in order to successfully setup the File feeds for Track and Notify product?

Action 1: Retailer needs to share USPS Shipping Label

Retailers need to share the USPS shipping label so that USPS representatives can link the MID with the setup Narvar will be requesting to USPS.

Action 2: Narvar will create the MID and Initiate the Process

Narvar will create a MID (Mailer Identifier) with Retailer Address on USPS portal and initiate the request with the designated USPS representative. While doing so, Narvar will list steps that need to be performed in order to enable the tracking feed.

Follow the steps below:

Steps Responsible Comments
Narvar creates MID and share it with USPS team Narvar MID: 90XXXXXXX
Retailer needs to provide their MID which is configured earlier with USPS to becky( who would help to link the retailer MID with the setup Retailer Pending
USPS rep would guide retailer through the MID creation process in case it is not created earlier. USPS Pending
USPS team completes the setup using the MIDs provided and shares us a folder path where a test file will be available for Narvar to validate USPS Pending
The Narvar team validates the test file ,completes the setup using the provided SFTP folder path and confirms to USPS that setup has been completed from our end. Narvar Pending
The USPS team then switches the feed to production. USPS Pending



  • For step 2 - If USPS is able to identify the MID from the label shared by the retailer then they will proceed with the next steps, if not they will request for MID.
  • In case labels are managed through then USPS will request a call to create an MID and guide the retailer on the creation of MID.

Action 3: USPS will share the directory where Narvar will be receiving files

Carrier will share a directory with a sample file and will request Narvar to validate it once. Post Narvar confirmation carrier needs to enable the Tracking Feed.

Action 4: What Narvar will do to complete the integration

Narvar will proactively support the queries raised by either of the parties. Once received the SFTP location, Narvar will enable the data consumption. As soon as we start receiving files, they will be processed and data will be consumed to support the Track and Notify mechanism.

Narvar, will share a few sample tracking links, to demonstrate the integration is done, if receiving Files then will mark the integration as completed.

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