Banner Messages Overview 

Banner messages allow you to provide additional information about orders and shipments beyond what is conveyed in the shipment status. They’re a helpful way to communicate information your customers might find useful when tracking their shipment. 

To create a new banner message, log in to your Hub account, open the menu on the left, select Track, and click Banner Messages. From the Banner Messages page, click Create New in the top right corner.


Creating Banner Messages

Begin by giving the banner message a relevant name. Below the name section, you can customize the Settings section which includes scheduling the banner message and choosing a carrier for which the banner message will be displayed. 


Date & Time

You can customize when your banner message is visible to your customers by setting a start and end time.

  • Start Date/Time - Your banner message with default to publish immediately so your banner message is visible to customers after publication. To delay the message for a time in the future, select a date and time to publish the message. You can edit your banner message at any time prior to its scheduled activation.
  • End Date/Time - Your banner message will default to no end time and will be visible to customers until it is manually updated. If you know the end date for your message, remember to set an end date and time for your message to automatically deactivate.


The carrier toggle enables you to only show the banner message for a specific carrier. If a shipment matches the selected carrier, this banner message will show instead of any other active banner messages.


Banner Message Content

Next, select a locale for your banner message—you can set one banner message per locale. Once a locale is selected, the Content section will appear. Enter the message you want to appear in your banner message. 

  • Title (required) - Your message title should provide a brief summary of the update in 40 characters or less.
  • Body (optional) - The message body copy can provide other important details not included in the title.
  • External link text (optional) - You have the option to add a link to an external page. Enter the text you’d like users to click on to follow the link.
  • External link URL (optional) - Enter the full URL for the external web page you want to drive users to from your banner message here.




By default, your banner message will inherit the styling of the experience on which it is displayed. Enable the checkbox for the apply custom styling to this message option to customize the type and color configurations for the title, body copy, external link text, and message panel. 

Publishing and Managing Banner Messages

When you’re ready to publish your banner message, or schedule it for later, click Save in the top right corner. Once you have saved your banner message, it will appear in your Banner Messages dashboard where you can edit, update, or deactivate your banner messages at any time.


Tip: If you have multiple messages across various Track experiences, you can easily filter messages by status and/or by locale (the country and language).

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