With Narvar Track you can update various styling settings across your post-purchase tracking experiences to deliver a cohesive brand experience across the entirety of the order journey for your customers. The Styling settings enable you to update the brand colors and and fonts used on the track page served to your customers, enabling you to ensure your tracking pages match your main website.

Customizing Styling

To update your styling settings, log into your Hub account, open the menu on the left, select Track, and click Experiences. Once on the Experience page, choose an experience you want to personalize, then click Edit Styling.

Color Configurations

Track allows you the option to adjust colors on specific portions of your page individually, ensuring consistency with your branding. 


  • Panel Title Background - Panel Title Background is the background color for each of the titles, but not the actual text itself.
  • Panel Background - Panel Background is the background color of each of the features. In order for your customers to be able to see the content easily, we recommend sticking to lighter background colors. 
  • Panel Border - Panel border is the color of the border of each of the feature panels. 
  • Iconography - Iconography is the color of all icons shown in different features throughout your track experience. 
  • Call to Action - Call to action is the color for all the buttons on your track experience.
  • Page Background - Page background is the color of the background for the main page. 
  • Selected Item Border Color - The color of the border of an item once selected on the item selection page. 
  • Secondary Button Fill Color - The fill color for secondary buttons used throughout the experience.

Customizing Border Radius

Control the corners of an element's outer border edge by customizing the border radius settings provided in the Styling settings. You can update the border radius for panels and buttons throughout the experience. 



Customizing Typeface

Track allows you to customize the typeface or fonts used across your experience. You can either choose to configure the standard type settings or edit all additional type styles


Standard Type Settings

The Standard Type Settings will use the fonts selected for your Primary and Secondary typeface and color selections across your track page. 

All Additional Type Styles

The All Additional Type Styles provides the option to configure each unique instance of text across your track experience.

Tip: You can customize the look and feel of your track experience to match your overall brand by adding custom fonts (.ttf or .otf format) in the Branding Assets section. View our documentation on Font Asset Management for more information.  

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