Pickup Location Block

The Pickup Location block provides important information regarding the location of your customer’s pickup including a map to the pickup location, the address of the location, the contact information for the location, the hours of operation for the location, and a Get Directions link. 


Utilizing the Pickup Location block is a great way to reduce WISMO calls, keeping your customers informed on the location of their package pickup without having to search through multiple emails or notifications. Customers can track their package, view status updates of their package, and quickly pull up directions to the pickup location once their package has arrived.

Note: The Pickup Location block is only available for retailers that offer BOPIS/BOSS delivery options. 

Configuring Pickup Location Block

To add the Pickup Location block to the Track page, log into your Hub account, open the menu on the left, click Track, and select Experiences. From the Experience page, select the experience you want to customize, and click Edit Content & Layout. In the Experience Editor, use the Shipment Status drop-down at the top of the page to switch to the BOPIS shipment status to which you want to add the Pickup Location block. Once on the correct shipment status, update the desired block to display the Pickup Locations component. 

Note: The Pickup Locations block will only be available as a block option for BOPIS related shipment statuses and will not be visible for any other shipment status type. 


Best Practice for Pickup Location Block

  • Keep near the top of the page in desktop and mobile.
  • Make sure store information is coming through the order data for pick up orders.
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