Each year, the retail industry spends hundreds of millions of dollars refunding or replacing items for consumers who claim they did not receive an item or the item they received was damaged. Merchants are seeing a rise in the number of shipments that are reported missing, damaged, or mispacked. Narvar is now offering a platform that enables merchants to resolve these incidents in a manner that is efficient for the merchant and a good experience for the customer.

As merchants seek effective ways to handle these cases, there are various levers they can pull:

  • Prevent as many cases as possible through prompt delivery notifications, clear and real-time delivery statuses, and greater control over a delivery through means like delivery to a pickup point.
  • Deflect cases to self-service or more cost-effective channels such as portals, chatbots, IVR, email, or chat.
  • Detect fraud and prevent refunding or replacing items for bad actors.
  • Revise policies to prevent abuse across the board.

Narvar is uniquely positioned to assist merchants in reducing the volume, cost, and time burden of these claims in two key ways:

  • We sit at the intersection of orders, shipments, and returns.
  • We have a vast merchant network that can be leveraged for intelligence.

By providing a self-service, intelligent shipping claims platform, we can enable personalized support guiding desired consumer behaviors and driving operational efficiencies.

Value to Deliver

Operational Efficiency

  • Automation - Automating the resolution of a significant majority of claim cases reduces the burden on your support team in handling what has become a large cost-center for retailers.
  • Insights - Deriving insights from claim submissions based on inputs such as carrier, service, distribution center, item attributes, etc. can create a feedback loop for future optimizations of your fulfillment process.

Fraud Prevention

  • Cost Reduction - Reduce the number of fraudulent claims that are approved to reduce the money flowing out of the business and to bad actors.
  • Volume Reduction - By iterating upon and improving the eligibility rules that govern the claims process, we can prevent claims from being submitted that don’t comply with your brand’s policies.

Recovery of Funds

  • Lost in Transit - Intelligently determine if a package is lost or just delayed to be able to prevent abuse of claims of packages that are not actually lost.
  • Cancel a Refund - If a shipment is delivered prior to a refund being issued, we can cancel the refund to avoid distributing money back to the consumer for goods they ended up receiving. 

Introducing Narvar Assist

The Narvar Assist product reduces a merchant’s cost of supporting various shipping incidents while providing consumers with an easy-to-use and responsive experience.

Self-service Customer Portal

Allow consumers to report shipping incidents in an easy to use, step by step portal that reduces the friction associated with gathering and reporting all information associated with a claim.

Automated Claim Processing

Narvar will automatically apply your brand’s claim policy to a claim, and when the defined criteria are met for a claim, that claim will be automatically approved. This process frees up support agents to focus on more complex issues and creates a better experience for your consumers.

Fraud Prevention

Narvar provides insight into a consumer’s behavior with your brand and, if you opt-in, with our network of retailers. By analyzing this behavior, you can prevent bad actors from receiving refunds or replacements.

Custom Rules to Support Your Policy

Customize the rules governing the customer portal so that only eligible items are submitted for a claim, and that claims are only approved when they meet your brand’s criteria.

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