Activating Azure SSO

To activate single sign-on for Azure, log in to Narvar Hub, open the menu on the left, click Admin at the bottom of the menu, and select Security.

Once on the security page, scroll down to the section titled Single Sign-On, click on the Identity Provider drop-down menu, select SAML, and follow the steps below: 

  • Choose a name for the Display Name. Most retailers use their retailer name.
  • Copy the Narvar Hub Redirect URL for use in Azure.
  • Once you’ve copied the redirect URL, navigate to your Azure account.
  • Login to Azure Portal.
  • Navigate to Azure Active Directory
  • Select Enterprise applications from the left sidebar.


  • Click New Application at the top of page.


  • Click Create Your Own Application.


  • Type in the name of the application, select the Integrate any other application you don’t find in the gallery radio button, and click on Create.


  • When the application is created the user will be redirected to the Overview page for the application. In the Overview page, Click Set up single sign on.
  • Select SAML as the single sign-on method.
  • In the SAML-based Sign-on page, click Edit for the Basic SAML Configuration section.


  • In the Basic SAML Configuration page paste the Narvar Hub Redirect URL you copied earlier into the following form fields:
    • Identifier (Entity ID)
    • Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL)
    • Click on Save.


  • Once the Identifier and Reply URL are saved, the Attributes & Claims section will be editable—click edit
  • Click on the Unique User Identifier attribute under the Required Claim section to edit it. Change the Name identifier format to Persistent, change the Source attribute value to user.mail and click Save.


  • Delete all claims under the Additional claims section.
  • Close the page to go back to the SAML-based Sign-on page. Copy the contents of the Login URL from the Set up Narvar Hub section.


  • Paste the value into the Single Sign-On Service URL then click Save.


You will now be able to login to Narvar Hub using your Azure Active Directory credentials.

Using Single Sign-On

Navigate to Narvar Hub by typing in into your browser. Click the Single Sign-On button and type in your email address. If you are already logged in to Azure Active Directory, you will be immediately logged in to Narvar Hub. If you are not logged in to Azure Active Directory, you will first be asked to authenticate with Azure Active Directory and then you will be redirected back to Hub.

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