This article lists the Narvar Supports Priorities, their definitions, and some examples. These examples can be used as guidance when creating requests with Narvar Support


Support Priority Description Example
P1 - Urgent
  • Narvar is down or critical performance deficiency where the system is rendered unusable
  • Shopify Zero is down
  • Track page down/Hub down
  • Email/messages not going through, any order confirmation email trigger for a single customer or group of customers
  • Not able to raise a return, Hub is down, Label generation down, carrier outage, email for a specific method not enabled
  • EDD was not returned at checkout
  • Orders not being pushed to Narvar - Error returned by Narvar
P2 - High
  • A notable decrease in system performance or information accuracy. One part of Narvar's service is down, inaccurate, or impacted
  • Single carrier down for track pages or returns
  • Unable to subscribe to SMS via track pages
  • Home Pickup service not working
P 3 -Medium
  • Minor or infrequent deterioration in system performance or information accuracy
  • Product recommendations down
  • Reports of isolated emails sent erroneously/delayed emails due to short carrier outage
  • Unable to submit returns for several orders
P 4 - Low
  • Technical questions or general troubleshooting for issue resolution
  • Creative requests
  • Updates to existing products
  • Addition of new features
  • Specific track pages not working
  • Unable to create a return on a few  (~10) orders
  • Messages not sent to specific users
  • Carrier translations on track pages are inaccurate
  • Reporting inaccuracy
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