Narvar Track offers retailers many different experience block options, enabling retailers to customize experiences to meet their needs, driving engagement and revenue. An experience blcok is an element that is added to a track page in the experience editor to enhance and improve track pages and drive more engagement from consumers. Experience blocks serve various functions from providing estimated delivery dates to soliciting consumer feedback. 

Experience blocks include:

  • Estimated Delivery Date (EDD) - This block provides an estimated date of delivery for the shipment. Generally, this block is placed toward the top of the page.
  • Delivery Notifications - Customers can use this block to opt-in to SMS or email notifications about their shipment status.
  • Customer Feedback Component- This block type allows customers to provide feedback regarding their order and shipment.
  • Marketing Asset - Marketing asset blocks allow you to promote assets like related products, gift cards, clearances and sales, news, and more to keep your customers engaged.
  • Product Recommendations - Add product recommendations to your experience to offer relevant products to your customers.
  • Items in this Shipment - Display the items that are in the shipment so a customer is aware of what to expect and when.
  • Shipments - Show the other shipments in an order to communicate to customers when all shipments in an order will arrive.
  • More Information - A customizable text component with a link to provide additional information to customers.
  • Pickup Location - For BOPIS and BOSS orders, show a customer where to pick up the order along with information about the store.
  • YouTube - The YouTube block enables you to embed a video within track pages. 

Note: Blocks can only added, removed, or changed with the Advanced Editor. With the Standard Editor you can edit the settings of a specific block but you cannot alter the block itself.

Managing experience blocks

To manage experience blocks navigate to the experience editor by following the steps below:

  • Log into your Hub account.
  • Open the menu and select Dynamic Track > Experiences.
  • Select the experience you want to customize. 
  • Click Edit Content & Layout.

Once in the experience editor, you can take multiple actions on blocks:

  • Change Block Type (available with the Advanced Editor) - Hover over a block and click the change option to swap the selected block for another block type.
  • Add New Block (available with the Advanced Editor) - Hover over any empty block and click the add option to add a new block.
  • Edit Block Content (available with both Standard and Advanced Editors) - Hover over a block and click the edit icon to customize the settings of that block.
  • Remove Block (available with the Advanced Editor) - Hover over a block and select the Empty block type to remove the block from the experience. 

When you select Edit on a specific block, the settings available for that block will open in the sidebar to the right of the page. You can update the settings for each block type within an experience and for most blocks you can manage the display text for the block. Managing the display text enables you to ensure the blocks match your brand and voice and give you the ability to include translations whenever necessary. 

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