The Estimated Delivery Date block displays the current estimated delivery date for the shipment along with latest shipping updates, shipping history, and the order's tracking number. The Estimated Delivery Date block should be included in every track experience to ensure consumers have easy visibility into when their items will be delivered and to provide quick access to the order's shipping history and tracking number.

By default, the EDD Block is included in every layout and can be managed just as any other experience block. In the settings panel, Retailers can control whether they want the shipping history display to be compact hiding the shipping history or expanded to display the full shipping history for the order. 


EDD Block Compact.png


EDD Block Expanded.png

Retailers can also manage the copy used throughout the block, including:

  • Block Header
  • Collapsed Section Title
  • Shipping History
  • Show Full History
  • Show Less Link
  • Tracking Number Label
  • No EDD Title
  • No EDD Status
  • No Scan Message
  • Status
  • Out For Delivery Status
  • In Transit to Pickup Point Status

Update the copy to reflect your brand voice ensuring the estimated delivery date block delivers your brand's style to your customer. 

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