The Marketing Asset block enables you to add your image assets to your track pages. Image assets needs to be uploaded to Hub first. You can view our Track Image Asset Management article to learn more. 

Adding marketing asset block

To add the customer feedback block to an experience follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Hub account and navigate to the experiences page (menu > Dynamic Track > Experiences).
  • Choose an experience to edit, then select Edit Content & Layout.
  • In the Experience Editor, add the Marketing Asset block to the layout in the desired location.
  • Once added, the settings panel will open to the right where you can select the locales to which you want to add the image asset. 

Marketing Asset Block.png

  • Click the edit icon beside the locale or language you want to edit. 
  • Use the Asset menu to select the image you want to add to the page. If you need to add the image, click Add New and you will be redirected to the Image Asset page to upload the image. 

Marketing Asset Block Settings.png

Once satisfied with your settings, select Save in the top right corner and preview the experience to make sure the image has been added correctly. 

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