The Track Customer Feedback block allows the user to rate their package delivery experience in two different ways-- by giving a star rating from 1-5 and by leaving a comment. A user can give only a star rating, only a comment, or both. After feedback has been submitted, a success screen shows, and the page will keep track of whether or not feedback has been submitted, so that if the user returns, they won't see the same prompt to submit.

Feedback Component UI 1.png Feedback Component UI 2.png

Adding customer feedback block

To add the customer feedback block to an experience follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Hub account and navigate to the experiences page (menu > Dynamic Track > Experiences).
  • Choose an experience to edit, then select Edit Content & Layout
  • On the Experience Editor, add the feedback block in the layout.

Once you've added the block, you can update the settings to the right of the editor, including:

  • Comment box display - This setting controls whether the comment box is compacted or expanded on the track page. 
  • Feedback submission - This settings controls whether feedback is optional or required
  • Text - You can update the copy displayed to customers across the various states of the feedback block including the confirmation state, filled state, and unfilled state. 

Feedback Component Settings 1.png Feedback Component Settings 2.png 

Why Feedback?

Customer Satisfaction

Retailers and brands typically see a high level of engagement with the Feedback module and are able to use the Narvar Track Feedback rating as a measure of satisfaction with their overall online retail customer experience. 

Problem Identification

Through the ratings and feedback comments collected, retailers are able to detect and correct issues with their fulfillment and delivery experiences before they become larger problems. Within the Track Analytics report, retailers can view and export all the feedback data collected from the Narvar Track experience and filter or search for keywords to identify problem areas or even specific shipments.


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