Create a Narvar API Account

  • Login as an administrator to your BigCommerce store.
  • Go toAdvanced Settings -> API Accounts, click Create API Accountand select V2/V3 API token​.
  • Enter ​`Narvar​` as the name of the integration.
  • Under OAuth Scopes, select the required scopes as shown below.


  • Copy or make a note of the API Path.
  • When you are done making changes, click Save.
  • On Save, `BigCommerce API Credentials` are shown. Your browser will also download a .txtfile containing the same credentials on your computer.
  • Please make a note of API Path,Client ID,Client Secret andAccess Token. They will be required to configure in Narvar Hub.


Narvar Hub Configuration

  • Make sure BigCommerce is enabled for the Retailer on Hub.
  • Login to Narvar Hub, based on your installation environment
  • From the left Navigation Pane, select Partnerships -> Bigcommerce
  • Now fill theAPI Path​,​ Client ID​,​ Client Secret andAccess Token.
  • Finally Click Saveto finish the setup.
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