Order data is essential for Narvar products to function. This integration will consume essential data points from SAP Commerce Cloud to power Narvar products.

Integrating with ​Narvar Order API​ requires Order, Order Items (Product), Shipment, Billing, Customer, Promotions. Fetching relevant data points and populating Order API can be challenging and time consuming. SAP Commerce Cloud integration seamlessly fetches required data from SAP Commerce Cloud instance and ingests Order data to Narvar.


This integration uses SAP Commerce Cloud’s Outbound Sync, Integration Objects and OData2 APIs.

What's Supported

SAP Commerce Cloud Version ​1905, 2005​ Cloud and On-Prem.

Implementation Guide

To enable the integration of your SAP commerce cloud with Narvar, follow the steps below.

Before you start

Before starting the configuration process, make sure the below prerequisites are met:

  • Make sure your SAP commerce cloud ​backoffice u​rl is reachable over the internet
  • Whitelist ​Narvar IP addresses​, if required
  • SAP Commerce Cloud Modules are configured
  • Outboundservices
  • Outboundsync
  • Odata2webservices
  • Integrationbackoffice
  • Integrationmonitoringbackoffice
  • Outboundsyncbackoffice


  • Login to ​Narvar Hub​ and navigate to `​Partnerships -> SAP​`
  • Enter appropriate values for `​Version​`, `​Store Name​`, `​Store Base Url`​ . Each of the fields are explained ​here​. Or reach out to your Narvar contact.
  • Click on `​Get Impex`​ button
  • Copy the Impex file details and import the same through SAP Commerce Cloud HAC (Hybris Administrative Console) portal.
  • After a successful import in HAC, navigate back to Narvar Hub and click `​Initiate`​ and wait for a confirmation message.

Configuration Parameters

  • Version - Select the appropriate version from the dropdown. For the list of supported SAP Commerce Cloud Versions ​refer
  • Store Name - This is your Site ID. For example: `​apparels-uk​`. Multiple Site IDs can be provided as comma separated values. Site ID can be found in the backoffice portal under `​Base Commerce -> Base Store`
  • Store Base Url - This is the base url that is reachable over the internet. Refer to ​IP Whitelisting​, if required.

IP Whitelist

Narvar Environment Public IP


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