Narvar Hub makes login management simple using single sign-on enabling users to log in to Hub using their organization’s credentials. Retailers that use Google Workspace or Office 365 in their organization now have the option to log in to Narvar Hub using their company’s login methods. With this feature, users won’t have to worry about forgetting their passwords to log in to Hub and retailers won’t have to remember to disable users that no longer need access to Narvar Hub.

Activating SSO

To activate single sign-on for Google or Office 365, log in to Narvar Hub, open the menu on the left, click Admin at the bottom of the menu, and select Security.

Once on the security page, scroll down to the section titled Single Sign-On, click on the Identity Provider drop-down menu, and select either Google, Microsoft, or SAML based on your company’s needs. 


You can also disable passwords so that users cannot log in without going through the single sign-on process. To disable passwords, uncheck the Enable Narvar Hub Password box in the Password Policy section. 


Once you are satisfied with your settings, click Save in the top right corner and single sign-on will be activated. 

With single sign-on enabled, users will now be prompted to log in using the specific identity provider you selected rather than using their username and password. 


There are many benefits to using single sign-on including:

  • Enhanced Security - Password complexity and freshness standards in line with your company standards. Additionally, require fewer passwords for users to manage.
  • Easier User Management - When an employee moves teams or leaves the company, they will immediately lose access to Hub without any manual user management.
  • Consistent User Experience - Employees can log into Hub the same way they access all other company applications, using their Google, Microsoft, or SAML login credentials.
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