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What kinds of issues happen and who is liable?

Here's how your support team can resolve cases with the Home Pickup program:



Refund Pickup

Refund Order

Consumer wants to reschedule pickup

We are unable to cancel pickups. However, the consumer can email Narvar_Returns@narvar.com and Narvar can reschedule them for the next day. 

The consumer will be charged the $7 fee for the new pickup.



Package could not be found

If the courier arrives but cannot find the package, Narvar cannot offer a pickup refund. The consumer is responsible for ensuring the package is accessible and protected.



Courier did not arrive

The consumer can email Narvar_Returns@narvar.com and Narvar will refund the pickup.



Package never dropped off

The consumer should contact the retailer’s customer service. Your agent can file a claim with Narvar at Narvar_Claims@narvar.com



Package lost or damaged in transit

Narvar will investigate and refund the retailer up to $200 of the return cart value, if the courier is at fault. 




Additional Questions

What does the consumer do if there is an issue?

If there is an issue during the Home Pickup process, consumers can email Narvar_Returns@narvar.com and we will respond within 48 hours.

How do we submit issues or claims to Narvar Support?

Issues or claims can be sent to Narvar_Claims@narvar.com. Narvar Support will respond in 48 hours. The following details are required for the claim:

  • Return Date
  • Order Number
  • Item Number
  • Description of the Incident
  • Cost of the Item(s)

How can we identify returns which have used a pickup?

Please verify with the consumer whether they used a pickup for their return. If you or they are in doubt, please collect their order number and email us at Narvar_Claims@narvar.com.

How does the retailer get reimbursement payments?

Reimbursements will be sent to the retailer by written check after the courier investigation is complete.

Will we be able to track the status of the pickup?

We do not offer real-time status tracking for pickups. Once the package has been dropped off and is scanned by the carrier, the consumer will see an update on their Returns Track page.

What happens if I want to remove this feature during Holiday?

If you need to temporarily opt-out of Home Pickup, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

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