Narvar Returns & Exchanges for Shopify can be integrated with Gorgias Helpdesk to provide customer returns data in Gorgias admin. Information like shipping status, return reasons, and links to your dashboard can be displayed within Gorgias admin and support tickets. 

In this guide you will learn how to:

  • Set up the integration between the Narvar Returns & Exchanges app and Gorgias Helpdesk.
  • Activate and test the integration.
  • Customize the Narvar widget to display specific returns information in Gorgias admin and tickets.
  • Link Gorgias to the Narvar Returns & Exchanges Dashboard.


  • Open Gorgias admin. Navigate to Settings > Integrations and select HTTP Integrations.

  • Click Add HTTP Integration in the top right corner.
  • Complete the fields as shown below:
    • Integration Name: “Narvar”
    • Description: “Narvar Integration”
    • Triggers: Check the box next to each trigger.
    • URL: Enter the following URL with a date that’s 10 years in the future:

      • https://szero.narvar.com/api/returns?email={{ticket.customer.email}}&created_max=2032-01-01&limit=10
      • For a full list of variables that can be inserted into macros, please refer to this article.

    • HTTP Method: “GET”

    • Response content type: “application/json”

API Setup

In this part of the setup, you’ll generate a Basic Authorization header in the Narvar Returns & Exchanges app, then head back to Gorgias and enter the Basic Authorization Header in your Narvar Integration settings.

Create an API Key in Narvar

  • From a new tab in your web browser, open the Narvar Returns & Exchanges app and click Settings. Select the Advanced tile, then click RMA Post Credentials.
  • In the Additional API Credentials section, click ADD API KEY. In the Username field, type “Gorgias”, then click the save icon (to the right of the password field) to generate the Basic Authorization header.
  • Copy the Authorization Header then click Ok.

Note: New passwords are only visible once, so make sure you copy to a safe location.


  • Navigate back to Gorgias and click Add header.

  • In the Key field, type “AUTHORIZATION”. In the Value field, paste the Basic Authorization header that you generated in the Narvar API Credentials settings.

  • Click Add header and type "X-NARVAR-SHOP-DOMAIN" in the Key section and paste your store URL in the Value field, then click Save changes.


Before data can flow between the Narvar Returns & Exchanges app and Gorgias, you’ll need to activate the integration. This can be done by creating a new ticket in Gorgias for a customer with an existing return or exchange.

  • Navigate to Shopify and copy the email address of a customer that has an existing return or exchange.
  • Return to the Gorgias Helpdesk and click the three dots next to Settings in the upper-left corner of the screen, then click Customers.

  • Paste the email address of the customer in the Search customers box, then select the customer profile (line item).

  • Click Create Ticket.

  • Click the mail icon and select Leave an internal note.

  • Type “Narvar Integration” in the subject and body, then click Send. This will activate the integration.

  • Refresh the page and click the gear icon (i.e Widget) in the upper-right corner of the screen.

  • Hover your cursor over the middle part of the screen and scroll down to the Narvar section. Drag the tan Narvar heading to the Widget for Narvar Data on the right to activate the Narvar widget, then click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Customize the Narvar Widget

Once the integration is active you can customize the Narvar widget to display, hide, and edit how specific returns data and links appear in Gorgias admin and tickets. Below are some examples of how you can customize fields in the widget.

Customize Fields

Move a Field

Rearrange the order of fields by dragging a field up or down in the column.

Edit a Field

Select the field that you want to edit and change the Title and/or Type, then click Submit

Delete a Field

Hover over a field and click the red X.


Link to the Narvar Returns & Exchanges Dashboard

Create a link to your Narvar Returns & Exchanges Portal from the Gorgias Helpdesk.

  • In the widget column, click the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the screen, then click Add Redirection Link.


  • Complete the Title and Link fields. You can view all relevant JSON fields and related documentation here.
    • Title: “Narvar Returns & Exchanges Dashboard”
    • Link: Enter the link to your Narvar Returns & Exchanges Dashboard
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