Notify Channel Overview

Narvar gives you the power to customize the messaging journey that your customers interact with throughout their post-purchase experience. You can build out a custom messaging journey to deliver unique experiences to your customer from their order confirmation email all the way through the delivery confirmation text message. Narvar Notify improves your ability to proactively communicate to your customers by delivering relevant up-to-date information keeping them informed and happy. 

Email Channel Setup

To begin setting up your email messaging channel, log in to your Hub account, open the menu, click Notify, expand Channel Setup, and choose email.

When designing your email messaging domain you can choose between two options:

  • Narvar Domain - The domain address for the email will end in “”.
  • Custom Domain - The domain address for the email will use your custom domain.

If you are using your own domain address for your sending domain select Custom Domain. If you do not have your own domain to use, select Narvar Domain to use a Narvar hosted domain for your sending emails. 

Note: You can edit the domain at any time in the future. 

Using Narvar Domain

On the Channel Setup page, select Narvar Domain from the drop-down list provided and click next. After selecting the domain type, input the Narvar domain name you wish to use—this domain name should reflect your brand as it will be displayed in the sender email address for emails sent to customers. 

For example, Peninsula Trading Co. may make their Narvar domain “” this way emails sent to customers come from “[sender email]


Once you’ve set your Narvar domain name additional settings will appear, including:

  • Sender Email - This is the email address that customers will see when they receive email communications from Narvar. Example:
  • Sender Name - This is the name that will be displayed in the “from” field of the email. Best practice is to use either your store name or a direct point of contact. 
  • Reply-to Email - This is where you can input an email address that will receive customer replies when they reply to emails sent from your Narvar Domain email. This can be your customer support email or whatever is optimal for your brand. 

Note: Your emails will not go out from your new sending domain if you do not complete the three settings above. 


When you’ve completed all the settings, select Save Changes at the top right corner of the page.

Using Custom Domain

If you want to use your own domain, choose Custom Domain from the drop-down list provided on the Channel Setup page and click next. After you’ve selected the Custom Domain type, input the domain name you wish to use. 

For example, Peninsula Trading Co. may use their store domain “” this way emails sent to customers come from [sender email]

Once you have set your customer domain, click Get DKIM Record to save the changes and move on to the next step.


On the next page you will notice the DKIM Record has been provided. This record needs to be added to your DNS to validate the sending domain. 

Below the DKIM Record you can set up your Sender Email, Sender Name, and Reply-to Email as described above. Remember, these settings must be completed in order for your emails to begin sending. 


If satisfied with your settings, click Save Changes in the top right corner. 

Google’s changes, effective February 2024, increasingly optimize delivery for bulk senders who abide by stringent email sending authentication. Yahoo will enforce similar authentication. Their goal is to reduce unwanted spam & phishing emails.

To adhere to the above we recommend you also establish a custom bounce domain to adhere to sending best practices given your Notify setup grants permission to use your own domain to send email. This is not an absolute requirement, but it does provide your messages optimal deliverability.

Changing Existing Domain

If you already have your email domain set and you need to update or create a new domain, navigate to the Channel Setup page and beside the Domain Type drop-down click on Change Domain Type and a window will open prompting you to select your new domain type. 


When you select your new domain type, a new section will appear at the bottom of the page labeled Pending Domain where you can input all of the necessary information for your new domain. Update the settings and select Save Changes. With the settings saved the new domain will be awaiting verification status. Once verified, the Domain Validation status automatically updates to “ready for sending”. 


The final step is to click Start Using This Domain once the domain has been verified. Confirm your selection in the pop-up window by clicking Use New Domain

SMS Channel Setup

To set up your SMS messaging channel, log in to your Hub account, open the menu, click Notify, expand Channel Setup, and choose SMS.

Your SMS Messaging Channel is automatically set up when you add a new SMS event, but here on this page you can view the phone numbers associated with each SMS event. No changes can be made to these phone numbers. 


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