Notify Overview

Engage your customers with relevant updates through the right channel, at the right time with Notify from Narvar. 

Through proactive, predictive, and timely omni-channel communication, Narvar’s Messaging platform empowers brands to engage with customers and manage customer expectations when tracking their outbound and inbound packages via email, SMS, and What’sApp.

Narvar’s Messaging platform enables you to curate the customer journey through standard and custom notifications to keep your customers informed and up to date. Narvar offers over 50 different types of notifications—known as triggers—with the ability to customize triggers through unique branding, messaging, marketing assets, and more. Triggers include:

  • Pre-shipment updates such as "Preparing Your Order," or "Processing."
  • Communication throughout the delivery experience from "Just Shipped" to "Delivered."
  • Updates about returned items and refunds.
  • Shipment tracking status updates at every step.

The configurability of these triggers lives in Narvar Hub. Once your triggers have been configured you’ll be able to update:

  • Layout - Create unique layouts to draw the customer's attention to different assets in different points of their post-purchase communications such as placing the Customer Feedback panel near the top of the Delivered email. 
  • Styling - Ensure your email communications match your brand with easy style management that can be easily customized.
  • Marketing Assets - Display the perfect asset at the right time with Narvar's customizable messaging settings that enable you to use a different asset at every stage of the delivery experience.

For more customization steps view our Email Setup Guide.

After customizing your Messaging settings you can preview and test your emails to ensure you have designed them correctly and they are functioning properly. 

Check out the rest of our Support Center articles to learn more about how to all of the features that Narvar's Messaging platform has to offer. If you have any questions submit a ticket with our support team here and we will be happy to assist you.

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