Once Narvar has enabled the events that you want, you can build out templates for each event, enabling you to deliver unique messaging and marketing assets to your customers at each stage of the post-purchase journey. Creating templates for each event is a great way to keep customers informed about the status of their order. For instance, you can create a template for the Shipment Delayed event that offers customers a discount code. This way, whenever a Shipment Delayed event occurs, your customers will automatically receive an email with a discount code for the delay maintaining customer confidence and loyalty in your brand. 

Adding templates for events

To start adding templates to your events, navigate to the Template page by opening the menu on the left, selecting Notify, expanding Templates, and clicking Email Templates.

From the Email Templates page, click Add Template in the top right corner to begin.  

You can add templates in two ways:

  • Create a Narvar Predefined Template
  • Duplicate one of your existing templates

Creating a Narvar predefined template

  • Choose Create a Narvar Predefined Template.
  • Select an event Category and Event from the provided drop-down menus. 
  • Select the predefined template from the next drop-down. 
  • Choose the locales for which you want to add the new template. 
  • Click Create Template

The new template will be generated and added to the Templates page.

Create a predefined template.png

Duplicating an existing template

When duplicating an existing template, the steps are similar to the ones above except you will begin by choosing which "source event" you want to duplicate followed by the "destination event" to which you want to add the duplicated template.

  • Choose Duplicate one of your existing templates
  • Use the drop-down menus provided to select the source event categoryevent, template, and locale that you want to duplicate.
  • Select the destination event category, event, template, and locale—this is where the duplicated template will be added.
  • Click Create Template to complete setup. 

The duplicated template will be generated and added to the Templates page for the selected destination event.

Duplicate an existing template.png

View our Email Setup Guide and SMS Setup Guide to learn more about designing and customizing templates. 

Testing and enabling events

Now that you have set up a event and designed and published a template, it’s time to perform a test before pushing your event live for customers. 

Open the menu, select Notify, and choose Event Setup. On the Events page click on the event you want to test to enter into the settings. 

On the Event Details page choose Add Test Recipient and input an email address that you can use to test your current event and email setups. Inputting an email address in this section will event emails to be sent using order data that is actively flowing into your store. Input a valid and secure email address and save to begin using a test recipient. 

Testing Notify Events Page.png

You can also send a test email directly to yourself from the Email Details page. Refer back to the Testing section of our Email Setup Guide.

If you are satisfied with your event and template design and are ready to make the event live for customers, toggle the Live to Customers button to “on” and your event will now be active. 

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