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Narvar’s Promise Embed enables retailers to quickly and easily create, customize, and update the estimated delivery date provided to your customers during their checkout experience. With Promise Embed you have greater control over the way in which your EDD status is displayed to your customers, and on what pages, with improved accuracy. Promise helps build confidence in your brand and set appropriate delivery expectations with consumers throughout the purchase and post-purchase journey.

To ensure the Promise platform is able to return estimated delivery dates that are reflective of your fulfillment operations and carrier services, the following items will need to be configured in Narvar Hub:

Please work with your Implementation Engineer on these configurations as a part of the standard implementation process. 

Customizing Promise embeds

With Promise Embed you can customize various aspects of your EDD content and layout providing more flexibility for the way in which the EDD is displayed in your pages.

Content & Layout

On the Content & Layout page, you can manage which carriers and carrier services you offer customers, the order in which they are prioritized on the screen as well as the name of the shipping method on your website. 

Promise Embed Settings Page.png

When creating Embeds for the Product Details Page can also update the Display Text as well as additional settings. View our article Promise Embed Content & Layout to learn more about customizing the content and layout of your Promise Embed. 


When creating embeds for the Product Detail Page, you have the added ability to customize the styling of the embed. View our article Promise Embed Styling for more information on managing the styling of estimated delivery dates displayed on product details pages.

Promise Embed Styling Settings 2.png

Promise Embed Styling Settings 1.png

If you don't already have Narvar Promise, request a demo today to learn how Promise can improve your customer's delivery experience!

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