Monitor Overview

Narvar Monitor is a configurable business intelligence dashboard, providing real-time visibility across your delivery network, personalized insights, and actionable intelligence empowering you to optimize supply chain operations and enhance customer experiences. Narvar Monitor enables retailers with unparalleled configurations and customizations to set-up order fulfillment visibility and resolutions to fit their unique business scenarios. 

With Monitor, you will gain:

  • A live drilled-down view into every order’s journey from cart to door helping you Meet your delivery promise even during the busiest shopping seasons.
  • Predictive delay alerts on shipments at risk of missing the estimated delivery date to uncover early signals of delivery disruptions and solve problematic exceptions quickly.
  • Improved productivity across teams with configurable timely reports to keep logistics, ecommerce and customer care teams in lockstep with total visibility into performance insights.

Narvar Monitor is transforming logistics operations by providing wide visibility and deep insight equipping retailers with the agility they need to navigate both the predictable and the unexpected in a dynamic world of ecommerce. Monitor provides real-time visibility into shipment status and carrier network performance acting as a single source of truth for your logistics strategy. Use actionable intelligence to uncover early signals of delivery disruptions to proactively communicate with customers preventing poor experiences. Receive personalized insights through customized dashboards, reporting and emails to ensure your business priorities are met. Use category benchmarks to help you understand how your fulfillment performance stacks up against the market.

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