Returns & Exchanges Overview

Narvar Returns & Exchanges for Shopify makes it easier to deliver a quick and easy return experience for your customers. Narvar Returns & Exchanges is part of the Narvar suite of products designed to deliver a frictionless and branded experience at every stage of the customer journey. Narvar Returns & Exchanges for Shopify will help you build trust with your customers, drive engagement, and increase revenue through an impactful post-purchase experience for your customers. 

Narvar gives retailers the ability to fully customize their return experience to meet their branding needs.

  • Upload custom fonts to ensure your customer's return experience matches your store's branding without missing a beat. 
  • Incorporate your brand colors or even create a unique color palette for your most popular sales and holidays.
  • Create unique marketing assets and deliver them directly to your customers to improve their overall return experience with your brand.
  • Manage multiple languages from a single, easy-to-use dashboard. 
  • Develop custom return rules to automatically accept eligible return items without intervention.

With Narvar Returns & Exchanges you also have access to valuable, in-depth reporting for all of your store's post-purchase activity. Glean insights into which carriers are most efficient and which carrier services are most beneficial for your brand. Get a greater high-level overview of where your post-purchase experience needs improvement and use the actionable data to optimize your customer's experience. 

View our Full Implementation Guide to begin setting up Narvar Return & Exchange on your Shopify store today. 

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