Once setup is complete, you can test and preview your return portal by creating an order in Shopify and returning the order through your customer return portal. 

  • Open a new tab in your web browser and navigate to the Orders page in Shopify.
  • Create a draft order using a test customer (i.e. not a real customer) and email address that you have access to, then mark the order as fulfilled. The order must be marked as fulfilled in Shopify in order to process the return.

Note: You will need access to the email address used for the test customer to preview the branding and style of customer-facing emails. We recommend creating a fake customer in Shopify for the purpose of testing.

  • In the Narvar Returns & Exchanges app, navigate to the Settings page and click the Account tile, then select your Return Portal Link.


  • Enter the order number and associated email address to initiate the return.

Note: You can add a background image to your return portal from the Branding settings in the Narvar Returns & Exchanges app.

  • The following page will show you the items in the test order. Select the item to be returned and the return reason.


  • Select a return method.

Note: The "Use My Own Carrier" return method will be the only option until you add carriers and create additional return methods in the Narvar Returns & Exchanges app. 

  • Review the return details and click Submit My Return.


  • This will trigger an email alert to the email used to sign in to the returns flow and give you a preview of the overall branding of your returns portal.


  • Once you’ve reviewed the “return initiated email”, navigate to the Narvar Returns & Exchanges Dashboard and update the status of the return to complete the returns flow test.


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