Your Default Return Window specifies how many days your customers have to initiate a return or exchange from when their order was placed, fulfilled, or delivered based on your selection.

Note: If you opt-in to exchanges, the default return window you set will also be applied as your default exchange window. You can change this in your return eligibility settings.

Narvar Recommendation

Start with a 30-day return window from the order fulfillment date. You can update the default return window and additional configurations in your Eligibility Rules settings at any time.

In our 2021 Narvar Returns Benchmark Report, we found that 63% of D2C brands provide a return policy of 30 days or less, while 82% of Fortune 50 and 74% of Omnichannel brands have 30-90 day return policies. Return windows also vary by category: electronics and health & beauty products stand out for their small return window range of 14 to 30 days, while general merchandise, apparel, and footwear have a wider return window range of 3 to 365 days.

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