Reduce the number of support calls and improve customer satisfaction by taking advantage of the Narvar’s Zendesk Support Chat Widget on your customer’s tracking pages. By enabling the support chat widget, customers have the opportunity to chat with a live support agent for a faster, easier resolution to their questions and concerns, leading to an overall better experience for your customers. 

Enabling Support Chat Widget

When the Support Chat Widget is active, it takes the place of the existing Help Pill in the bottom right corner of the tracking experience. 

To enable the support chat widget, log in to your Hub account, navigate to the experience that you want to add the chat widget, and select Edit Content & Layout to edit the experience.

With the Experience Editor open, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Edit on the Help Pill to open the settings in the right-hand sidebar. 

In the settings sidebar, open the Chat Type drop-down menu and select Zendesk Chat. Next input your Zendesk Chat Widget ID—this ID can be found in your Zendesk Admin settings by following the steps below: 

  1. Log in to your Zendesk Admin account
  2. Click Channels in the left sidebar
  3. Select Messaging
  4. Choose Installation from the options provided in the Messaging settings
  5. Copy the Widget ID from the HTML code provided (highlighted in red below)


Once you’ve updated the Widget ID, choose whether you want your Help Pill to include Display Text, an Icon, or both. The icon can be placed either before the text or after the text using the checkboxes below the icon toggle button. Lastly, if you decide to include text with your chat widget, update the Display Text in the final settings box. 

Once you are satisfied with your settings, select Save, and Preview your updated experience.

Styling your Chat Widget

You can customize the styling of your chat widget including the brand colors, the logo, the title, description, and the shape of the chat widget. You can update the styling of your chat widget from your Zendesk Admin center.

  1. Log in to Zendesk Admin center
  2. Click Channels
  3. Select Messaging 
  4. And Choose Styling from the menu option provided on the page.
  5. Update the settings to match your branding, and save once satisfied. 
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