The More Information Block provides retailers with a section in the track page where they can include unique text and links to provide additional information regarding shipments. Use the More Information block to surface additional text or instructions or to link out to other resources.

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Adding the More Information block to an experience

Note: The More Information block is only available for the Advanced Editor. Learn more about the Advanced Editor here

To add the More Information block to an experience, log in to your Hub account, open the menu on the left, click Track, and select Experiences

From the Experiences page, select the experience you want to update to enter the Experience Details page and click Edit Content & Layout

On the Experience Editor, select the location where you want the More Information block to be added, click Change, and select More Information from the list of block options.


Once you’ve added the block to the experience, the block settings will display to the right of the experience editor. 

You can use the toggle buttons provided to enable or disable the Block Header and to show or hide a link in the block—if you enable Show Link, add the URL that you want to be included in the block. 

Below these settings, you can update the text that is displayed in the More Information block, including:

  • Block Header - Text displayed for the header section of the block
  • Content Title - Text displayed in bold in the title section of the block
  • Content Body - Standard body text displayed beneath the title
  • Learn More Link - Text that will be linked with the URL provided above

The Text Changes Across Statuses toggle button controls whether or not the changes made in the block text settings are inherited by all of the shipment statuses in the current experience or just the status currently being edited. Enabling this setting will update the text changes across all of the statuses while disabling this toggle will only update the text changes for the current status being edited. 


After you’ve updated the block settings, Save your changes and Preview your experience. 


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  • Is it possible to have different information blocks with different URL links across the experience?

  • At this time, you are only able to include one URL in the More Information Block per each experience. 


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