April 2022

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Configure Ship in under 30 minutes

Implement faster with self-serve javascript code embeds on Ship. This update offers retailers flexibility to customize multiple elements of their web pages from PDP to checkout and order confirmation to encourage conversion. 

Learn more about embeds for Ship here

Countdown timer and price per shipping method now available for Ship JS

Countdown timer and price per shipping method are now available to retailers using Ship JS. This will help drive urgency in the buying journey and allow consumers to select a method that best suits their needs. 



BOPIS and BOSS statuses now available on Track

Offer your customers the ability to track their shipment status for Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) and Buy Online Ship to Store (BOSS) fulfillment methods. Merchants will be able to show multiple.

  • Preparing Your Order
  • Delayed
  • Ready for Pickup
  • Pickup Complete
  • Canceled

Through the new “More Information” and “Pickup Location” blocks, merchants can provide customers with all of the information they need to successfully pick up their orders.


Updated default Track layouts include more blocks to provide you with the most  flexibility in your tracking experiences

We’ve updated our default Track layouts to include:

  • More blocks to your layouts! Seamlessly extend your brand with more blocks that allow for deeper customization and personalization. 
  • Default feature activation for item-level visibility, SMS opt-in panel, and multi-shipment to reduce WISMO and keep your customers even more informed.

Update assets across statuses with a single click

Merchants now have the ability to update assets across statuses with a single click. This will apply to two use cases:

  1. When creating a new experience, if a merchant adds an asset to a marketing asset block in the default layout, the asset will be added to that position across the experience’s status and device types. If the merchant wants to make a change to the mobile assets or a specific status, they’re able to do so through selecting the “No” option on the modal that shows when making an asset change. 
  2. When changing an asset that has been previously added to the experience, the merchant will be asked if they want that asset to change everywhere it’s used in the experience. Selecting “yes” will change the asset in each device and status. Selecting “no” will apply the asset to only that configuration.

You can watch a 5 min video tutorial here

Preview image assets now within Experience Editor

Preview assets directly in the Experience Editor as they’re added in real-time. This feature supports static images and GIFs as well to help you drive the most ROI from your Track experience!

Want a refresher on how to update your assets? Learn more here.


Resizing product recommendation images

Previously, our Support team only had the ability to resize the rendering of product recommendation images. Now, you can do this quickly within HUB within the asset block for “Product Recommendations:”

Learn more about how to add product recommendations to your Track experience here.



Home Pickup now available as a primary return method

The feature allows consumers to initiate a return online and hand it off to a courier who will pick up their package from their doorstep — offering unmatched convenience, flexibility, and choice for consumers. There is no cost to merchants or set-up required on the merchant’s end. 


Printerless returns now available for Yamato

Retailers utilizing Japanese carrier Yamato can now offer customers printerless return labels to complete their returns. This helps drive down call center calls related to printing return labels and offers consumers with an added level of convenience, reducing the friction in their return process.

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