May 2022

Messaging | Track | Returns & Exchanges for Shopify


Narvar is now integrated with Klaviyo! The Narvar x Klaviyo partnership allows retailers to incorporate shipping-related events data:

  • Control customer expectations with real-time communication throughout the delivery journey
  • Own the customer relationship end-to-end with a 360 degree view of the customer’s experience
  • Increase LTV with personalized campaigns informed by post-purchase insights
  • Streamline transactional and marketing customer communication through one single interface.

Learn more about activating the integration today here!

We’ve taken the guesswork out of making custom edits to your templates with in-app help messages.

Confidently edit your email templates with new in-line messages that guide and explain errors when making updates, helping you make corrections on the fly within the editor.



Build and preview your Track pages across locales, statuses, and device types  all in one place

We’ve streamlined editing previews by allowing you to build and preview your experiences directly in the editor, making it easier than ever for retailers to preview and approve updates before publishing.


Learn more about updating assets and previewing experiences here.

Multiple editing modes now available for Track: Standard Editor and Advanced Editor.

We’ve now launched TWO new editing modes for Track to make sure you can drive the greatest ROI possible from your Narvar tracking experiences.

What are these new editors?

Standard Editor: This editor allows retailers to utilize default templates and configure status-based content. Retailers that have used Dynamic Track will find this to be a pared down, simpler to use version of today’s editor.

Advanced Editor: Provides you with full control over your experience and layout — the same functionality you have today with Dynamic Track. You can make all changes available in the Standard Editor with the additional ability to add blocks or change where blocks show on the page.

Learn more about our new editors here and how to update your editing modes today. 


Save time with the ability to now update assets and translations  across statuses

We’ve streamlined experience management by allowing retailers to update assets and translations seamlessly across multiple delivery statuses directly within the editor. This applies to both the Standard and Advanced Editors. 

Track layouts now have smart defaults to drive the most engagement throughout the delivery journey

As a best practice, we’ve always recommended to our retailers to create calls to action through the placement of their blocks when using the Advanced Editor. For example, placing the SMS opt-in panel towards the top during “In Transit” to drive opt-ins, or placing the feedback module in a similar position at “Delivered” to collect the most feedback.  

Now, we’ve made it so that when you’re updating your layouts, blocks will auto-populate in these spaces to help you maximize on engagement within your tracking experiences. This is standard in the Standard Editor layouts as well.

Learn more about default Track experiences here.

Returns & Exchanges for Shopify

Bringing your even more flexibility in configuring your Narvar Return and Exchange set up

New merchants now have the ability to seamlessly set up their Narvar Returns and Exchange rules and configuration without the assistance of a Narvar representative (though we’re still here to help, if needed!).

Merchants will now be prompted to enter required return configuration information to use Narvar Returns and Exchanges immediately, including:

  • Branding Information
  • Locations
  • Return Reasons
  • Return Policies

Recapture revenue by enabling our new “Shop Now” feature within Returns and Exchanges

Merchants now have the ability to enable “Shop Now” within Narvar Returns and Exchanges as a refund method. This feature enables you as a merchant to immediately offer an in-store credit upon an attempted return, to recapture revenue and reduce customer friction. 


Returns can now be initiated by Customer Service Agents

Direct from the Shopify order details page, Customer Service Agents can now initiate returns on behalf of the customer, streamlining your returns processes even further.

Gain access to newly available  insights and analytics

By request, retailers can be given access to advanced analytics dashboards that provide additional insights and data to better inform your returns programs.

Eliminate further customer friction with new QR code functionality

We’ve added functionality to resend QR code for retailers to customers. 

Keep customers informed throughout the returns process 

Customers will now receive emails from Shopify reminding them to return their product if not yet detected in the shipment queue. The reminder will be sent in increments of 7 days, 14 days, and 30 days. 

Correos Express is now available as a return carrier

Narvar now supports Correos Express as a returns carrier for handling your returns services.

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