June 2022

Track | Returns | Returns & Exchanges for Shopify


Ensure a seamless brand experience — no matter the region — with default locale settings

We’ve made it easier than ever for our retailers to set default locales for their tracking experiences globally. In the event a locale isn’t passed in the Narvar Tracking URL or via order data, retailers can set a default locale that customers will be directed to that aligns most to your brand audience.

This must be activated through Narvar Support or a Narvar CSM. Learn more or reach out about the feature here!

Add assets directly in the experience editor, making it easier to update assets to drive more engagement

Retailers can now add assets directly in the Experience Editor! We’ve streamlined retailer workflows within HUB, reducing the amount of effort needed to toggle between the Image Asset Editor and Experience Editor when adding new assets.

*PSSST: Narvar platform data shows that more frequent asset updates lead to increased customer engagement 


Enhanced experience previews to better showcase your live, branded experience

Preview updates and change to your Track page directly within the Experience Editor. Previous workflows required retailers to preview in a separate page — and we’ve heard your feedback as we’ve made a series of Experience Editor improvements.


Align your brand experience seamlessly with updated styling for product recommendation containers

When styling product recommendation containers, retailers can now opt to add borders and localize currency styling across locales.


SMS communication is now available on Home Pickup

SMS notifications are now live for Home Pickup. All consumers booking a pickup have the option to sign up for SMS updates to remind them a pickup is happening and let them know when their courier is on the way. Learn more about how this new feature works here.

Configure Rules for Home Pickup

Retailers can now control when Home Pickup is shown as well as modify the convenience fee displayed to consumers. If the convenience fee is partially or completely covered by the retailer, the total will be added to their monthly invoice. These rules are configured via the “Return Rules” section in Hub.

Async Returns is live (on a rolling basis)

With Async Returns, consumers can submit an online return and receive a label later. Previously, consumers could not successfully submit a return if they did not get a shipping label generated. With this new feature, we further reduce frustration at repeat return attempts and improve the success rate for label generation. When a carrier is unable to create a shipping label immediately, consumers will still be able to submit their return and will receive their label later. Async Returns is partially live with some carriers with a plan to work with all carriers and retailers in the coming weeks.

Returns & Exchanges for Shopify

Merchants now have full control over who at their company can access configurations, reports, and data: the admin user can manage this for each user individually.

Operate like an Enterprise brand by providing guidance, focus while safeguarding sensitive data and configurations.


Give Administrators the ability to control what users can do within the system based on their job profile, without giving full administrator access.


As business scales for retailers, internal team sizes that are managing returns will grow. Having these permission controls results in a higher level of data protection, safety, and fewer “mishaps” on configurations.

We’ve added more languages to provide easier internationalization options

We’ve added…

  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Dutch
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Italian
  • Finnish
  • Spanish

As always, clients can customize the verbiage and add/ request other languages. The Track page is now offered in all supported languages as well. Learn more about languages here.

EMEA carriers Colissimo (France) and Hermes (UK) were added to expand options for clients in these two major markets.

Learn more about our international carriers here.

The Get Started setup guide has been updated to include Branding, to capture a retailer’s brand colors and font settings.

This addition further allows Narvar retailers to quickly enable the product and reduce the need for a dedicated Narvar representative for setup needs.

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