July 2022

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Ensure delivery success with signature release for eligible UPS packages.

Customers can have even more control over their shipments by pre-authorizing delivery for packages requiring signature release for all eligible UPS packages. In order to pre-authorize and leave delivery instructions, customers must be UPS MyChoice Members.

Customers will be prompted to either sign up for UPS MyChoice or cite their existing membership in the form fill below. Once signed up, users can leave delivery instructions to the driver and pre-authorize packages requiring signature release, limiting exceptions and ensuring delivery success. 

Learn more about UPS delivery instructions here.


Narvar Returns & Exchanges for Shopify

Improved control with staff permissions

Optimize workflows, keep data safe and give users the access they need to get their work done. Permissions provide the ability to set specific features or workflow access to have better control over what users can do within the system based on their job profile.


Maximize retained revenue with customizable exchange rules

Full store exchanges let you offer highly customizable exchange rules to provide shoppers the ability to submit a return, get an instant store credit, and use the credit to shop for any other product(s) across the store. With full store exchanges, shoppers have more choice and control over their shopping experience and brands can retain more revenue by turning refunds into exchanges.


Save time with streamlined customer service workflows

Streamline workflows for customer service to improve the experience of submitting returns on behalf of customers to resolve issues more quickly and in fewer clicks inside Shopify.

Customer service initiated returns can also now be tracked in the dashboard to give better visibility into their status.

Keep returns top of mind, and get returns back faster with reminder

Return reminders will help keep their return top of mind and help brands get returns back faster with fully configurable return reminder emails. Reminder emails will provide more clarity on the return status, reduce customer support calls and also speed up the returns process by motivating shoppers to action.


Technology Partnerships/Integrations

Rise.ai & Narvar team up to improve refunds

Narvar and Rise.ai to simplify the returns and refunds process, and enable merchants to retain revenue with Rise.ai’s Gift Card and Loyalty Card features.  With a seamless integration into the Shopify platform, brands are able to offer store credit directly into shoppers' accounts. Merchants are now able to seamlessly manage both the physical returns process and reimbursement to the customer, creating happy shoppers and retaining revenue that may have been lost.

Learn more about the Narvar and Rise.ai partnership here.

Recharge & Narvar 

Recharge and Narvar users will now be able to refund subscription purchases, and create cross compatibility with the checkout flow in Recharge.

Learn more about Recharge.

Klaviyo & Narvar

Narvar and Klaviyo have partnered to give greater control over customer segmentation and targeting, improving your ability to ensure the right message is delivered to the right customer at the right time.

Learn more about the Klaviyo and Narvar integration here.

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