Creating your Gorgias help chat widget 

To enable your Gorgias help chat widget in Track, you need to create a new chat in Gorgias. 

To begin, log in to your Gorgias account, navigate to the Settings page, select Channels, choose Chat, and click Add New

On the next screen, when prompted to select where the chat will be used, choose the option for Any other website, and update the styling options in the section below. Once satisfied click Add new chat at the bottom. Once selected, you will be navigated to the Installation page where you will find your Chat App ID. 

Finding your Gorgias chat app ID

Once on the Installation page, scroll down to the custom code snippet and find the section displaying GORGIAS_CHAT_APP_ID=’1234’. The numerical number displayed here is your chat ID used to enable your Gorgias help chat widget in the next section. 


Enabling Gorgias help chat widget in Track 

If you want to use the Gorgias help chat widget, submit a ticket with our support team here and we will be happy to ensure the widget is activated on your account. When the Gorgias Help Chat Widget is active, it takes the place of the existing Help Pill in the bottom right corner of the tracking experience. 

To enable the help chat widget, log in to your Hub account, navigate to the experience that you want to add the chat widget to, and select Edit Content & Layout to edit the experience.

  • With the Experience Editor open, scroll down to the bottom of the editor and click Edit on the Help Pill to open the settings in the right-hand sidebar. 
  • In the settings sidebar, open the Chat Type drop-down menu and select Gorgias Chat.
  • In the space provided below, input your Gorgias Chat ID—if you do not have your chat ID, view the steps for Finding Your Gorgias Chat App ID.
  • After updating the Chat App ID, choose whether you want your Help Pill to include Display Text, an Icon, or both. The icon can be placed either before the text or after the text using the checkboxes below the icon toggle button. If you decide to include display text with your chat widget, update the text in the final settings box. 
  • Once satisfied with your settings, select Save, and Preview your updated experience.
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