August 2022

Track | Returns | Returns & Exchanges for Shopify 


Style your product recommendations to align to brand guidelines.

With options in image sizes and border configurations, change the look and feel of your product recommendations to better suit your brand guidelines. Bring in additional revenue and recurring customers while maintaining your unique branded experience.

Learn more about styling your product recommendations in our Support Center!


Configure default locales for your Track pages.

Offer your customers more localized experiences on your Track page with default locale settings. In the event a locale isn’t passed in the Narvar Track URL, a default locale will still be presented to your customers. Set a default locale today by reaching out to your CSM or Narvar Support to configure.

New digital item filtering accounts for physical and digitally delivered products. 

Can customers purchase digital and physical products on your site? Narvar now filters out digitally delivered products, so customers are only tracking physical goods being sent directly to them.  

Narvar Returns & Exchanges

Ensure return efficiency with time windows for home pickups.

Provide customers with control over their home pickups. Customers can now choose 3-hour time windows to schedule pickups, instead of the static 8am- 4pm pickup window, making returns more convenient for customers and more efficient for retailers.
Learn more about Narvar’s home pickup program here!


Returns and Exchanges for Shopify

Access a wider knowledge base directly within the Shopify Returns & Exchanges app!

Getting in-app support is easier than ever. Embedded knowledge center articles are now surfaced directly within Shopify Returns & Exchanges user flows to get you the answers you need. 

Drive customer loyalty with FedEx Boxless Returns. (US only pilot)

Retailers using FedEx can offer Boxless returns to their customers at FedExdrop-off locations, making returns more convenient, while driving customer loyalty and repeat purchases. With no supplemental steps, make returns easier for your customers.


Make returns more accessible to your customers with UPS Mail Innovations.

UPS Mail Innovations works with the U.S. Postal Service, providing the pick-up, processing and interim transportation of mail. Narvar now provides this service as a configurable printerless return method for retailers, offering competitive rates, printerless returns configuration, and a network of USPS drop-off locations.

Expand your returns carrier options with Pitney Bowes.

Retailers can now leverage Pitney Bowes as a returns carrier and configure return label setting through Narvar R&E. Already in use with over 700K retailers, our integration with Pitney Bowes will make returns more convenient for customers and more efficient for retailers.

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