Creating Klaviyo Flows from Narvar Events

To use Narvar data in your flows head over to the flow builder. You can select Metric for the flow trigger or, if you have a Segment created, you can select Segment. For this example we are selecting Metric.


After selecting the type of flow trigger you want to create, you can search for whichever Narvar metric you want to use as a trigger. View Narvar Events currently available in Klaviyo

Note: Only events that have occurred since the installation of the integration will appear. If you have just installed your integration it may take time for all events to be available.


Once the trigger and filters are selected then you can drag and drop the action you’d like to follow the event.


You can add both email and SMS messages into the same flow using conditional split.


With this integration you can make advanced segments that use Narvar events with the option to include additional data in your Klaviyo account. You can create custom segments to send a review request to customers only if they received their items, if they didn’t face several shipping delays, or if they initiated a return. 


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